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Tokamachi Kimono Festival 2023

Tokamachi is one of Japan’s leading producers of kimonos. 👘
Tokamachi is famous for its Akashi Chijimi, Tokamachi Yuzen, Tokamachi Tsumugi, Kuroe Baori, and Majorika Omeshi. If you’re a Kimono enthusiast, you would have come across these names at least once, haven’t you?

In Tokamachi, every year in May, they hold the Tokamachi Kimono Festival.

▼The 47th Tokamachi Kimono Festival

The main street, which serves as the primary venue for the Tokamachi Kimono Festival, turns into a pedestrian paradise with events such as Yukata shows and the sale of recycled Kimonos.

At the Tokamachi Kimono Festival, you can enjoy various experiences related to Kimonos.
This time, I tried Sakiori.
Sakiori involves tearing unused fabric into strips and reusing them as threads for weaving, creating a recycled textile.
I struggled with handling the shuttle (a tool used to pass the weft thread) because I’m not very adept at it. 😢

After walking a lot, I treated myself to a butterbur sprout cheesecake at the cafe in the Echigo-Tsumari Satoyama Contemporary Art Museum MonET. ✨
It had the flavor of butterbur sprouts, and it was delicious.

Our photos have been featured in the “Satoyama Note” by the Tokamachi City Tourism Association! Thank you very much!

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