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Sasayama site where a national treasure, flame pod, was excavated

Do you know that there is an archaeological site in Tokamachi, where a national treasure, flame pod from the Jomon Period, was excavated?

The national treasure, flame pad, refers to Jomon earthenware with a distinctive flame-like decoration, well-known from Japanese history textbooks.

▼A national treasure, flame pod

The national treasure, flame pod, was excavated at the Sasayama archaeological site in Tokamachi.

At the Sasayama archaeological site, dugout shelters from the Jomon Period has been restored. You can enter and imagine yourself in the lifestyle of the Jomon period.

Moreover, at the Sasayama Jomon Museum located within the archaeological site, you can learn about the history of the site’s discovery and the characteristics of the national treasure, flame pod.

On this day, there was an event organized by Tokamachi City Museum. I met families engaging in hands-on experiences of Jomon period living.

Sasayama archaeological site

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